Who We Are

We’re here to help people connect in meaningful relationships, grow spiritually, and make real progress as they go through life. 

People are very important to us. We try to create a welcoming and safe environment where people who are less familiar with church can easily fit in and learn. And, we help those who have become followers of Christ to develop into fully devoted followers. We use contemporary styles of music and communication to help people learn and grow, and we are ready to change as needed to stay effective in helping people.

The Bible is also important to us. We believe it is relevant to all areas of life and gives the guidelines for connecting with God and for living life to the fullest. We aim to help people put its teachings to work in daily life.

We began in 1987 with six adults and six kids, and have grown to a congregation of several hundred. Our desire through the years has been to be a “church without walls.”  We have met in rented facilities and plan to continue to do so until it is more prudent to buy than rent.  Our goal is to mobilize members to minister to others wherever they are, not to build a ministry around church meetings (or buildings).

We believe “life to life” relationships are an integral part of God’s plan for discipleship, so much of the spiritual growth, ministry, and direction in our church body happens organically. There are opportunities to connect in homes, cafes, parks, and wherever relationships happen.

You’ll find this to be a community where you can meet real friends and take the next steps in following God at your own pace. We hope to see you on a Sunday soon!

We'd love to get to know who you are as well! Feel free to check out a Sunday service or stop by one of our events anytime.

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How We Relate

We desire to treat each other in a way that honors God and makes relationships enjoyable.

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Global Impact

We connect with and create ministries that share our vision and values.

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