Ages 0-18 months


The nursery at Church in the Valley is led by adults with proven character.  A security system is in place to make sure that children are checked in and out of the nursery by a parent or other approved adult.  The toys and play areas are sanitized every week, and the children are watched carefully by loving adults.

Parents can leave instructions for our staff should children have special needs that occur during their stay with us.


Parents may rest easy while in worship because a vibrating pager is assigned to them at the time they check in their young child.  The parent will be paged quietly if there is a need for them to come to the nursery.  The children and workers are visible at all times.  There is also a private area in the nursery for nursing moms.


The nursery has age-appropriate toys and play areas.  During your child’s time in the nursery, we desire that small children experience tender, nurturing care, and have a GREAT time as well.